Fireworks Sales Down for Many Vendors

Jul 4, 2012

County burn bans across the region have outlawed amateur fireworks displays and that hurts the bottom line for many fireworks vendors.

But MAD Fireworks' Mike Christian says his company has had sales above projections. Christian’s company operates dozens of fireworks tents from Louisville to Nashville. He says local burn bans have had some effect on sales.

“Yes, there was a slight change, but what we’ve found is a lot of families were coming in and buying the ground style fireworks to appease the kids. We didn’t sell as much of the bigger stuff, but really, sales have been up," Christian said.

Calloway County vendor Mac Bucy says his family has been selling fireworks for 26 years, and this is their worst sales year yet. The holiday usually brings a crowd, but this year Bucy doesn’t expect much.

“Today is usually the biggest day, but even if today is the biggest day, we won’t never pull ahead today. We’re too far behind," he said.

Professional fireworks displays will go forward today in several counties in western Kentucky, with local fire departments standing by to contain any sparks.