Felony Expungement Law Takes Effect in Kentucky

Jul 15, 2016

Credit belchonock, 123rf Stock Photo

Kentuckians with certain felony convictions can now begin the process of having such Class D offenses expunged. July 15th marks the first effective day of the legislation approved by lawmakers earlier this year. 

Kentucky Public Advocate Ed Monahan expects thousands to seek removal of non-violent felonies. “Once they get rid of that one felony, they’re going to come out from under an economic death sentence and their going to have a chance to provide better for their families and be even better contributors to their community,” explained Monahan.

Officials with the state Administrative Office of the Courts says the process of expungement could take up to six months to complete.   

They say drug possession, criminal mischief, receiving stolen property and flagrant nonsupport represent a majority of the convictions people will seek to expunge. 

Monahan admits early on there could be a few issues to work out, “I think it will smooth out relatively quickly because there is so much public support for this common sense chance for people to get their felony expunged and become fully contributing members of their family.”

Monahan says the process begins with convicted felons attaining a certification document from State Police.​