Federal Funds Released for Paducah Waterfront Project

Aug 20, 2012

Paducah's long-awaited waterfront development project is set to begin early next year after the federal government freed up transportation funds for the project. 

Mayor Bill Paxton says the funds were part of about $10 million secured for the project several years ago. Paxton says they weren’t able to start the project because of environmental concerns about the location. He says,

“We’ve had these on hold because of the mussel situation here in Paducah, so we have corrected that situation with the environmentalists and they’re giving us the go-ahead so now these funds are being released.”

Paxton says the city has until October to officially earmark the nearly $2.3 million awarded last week or risk losing the money. Paxton says work on the waterfront development project will begin in early 2013.