Fancy Farm US Senate Candidates Spar

Aug 9, 2010

Fancy Farm, KY – The nominees for U.S. Senate took the stage at Saturday's Fancy Farm picnic to kick off the traditional start of the fall campaign season in Kentucky. Democrat Jack Conway and Republican Rand Paul are vying for the seat that will be left vacant by the retirement of Republican Jim Bunning. Conway told the crowd that Paul, a member of the tea party movement, wants to cut most government programs to the point of putting schoolchildren, farmers the disabled and others at risk but changes his position when challenged.

"This is an important election, it's not about me, it's not about a waffling pessimist who just wants to be the prince of cable tv. It's about the people of Kentucky."

Paul said Kentuckians won't support a candidate who falls in line with the policies of Washington liberals.

"I say to Nancy Pelosi, come on down to Kentucky, campaign with Jack. You can talk about cap and trade and Obama care all you want. Good luck on that one, Jack."

The speeches were broadcast statewide on Kentucky Educational Television and nationally on C-SPAN.