Fancy Farm: Hatchett vs. Whitfield

Aug 9, 2010

Fancy Farm, KY – After U.S. Senate Candidates Dr. Rand Paul and Attorney General Jack Conway finished their speeches at this year's Fancy Farm picnic, local candidates took to the podium. Leading the way was democratic candidate for the Kentucky First District U.S. Congressional seat, Charles Hatchett. Hatchett, of Marshall County, says he wants to exude qualities of Vice President Alben Barkley.

"Barkley was pro-Jesus Christ, pro-Israel, pro-Life and pro-people in his district. What a man, what a servant. Alben Barkley extended himself past his time."

Incumbent Ed Whitfield followed. Whitfield told the crowd he would take a stand against the national debt by fighting the Obama-Pelosi administration. Whitfield received mixed reviews when he spurned those fighting the Arizona immigration law.

"And where else could you find a country, where the Attorney General of the United States sues the state of Arizona for trying to stop illegal immigrants."

Hatchett is a political new-comer running for his first political office. Ed Whitfield has been First District Representative for 14 years.