Fancy Farm Gearing Up

Aug 2, 2010

Fancy Farm, KY – The 130th Fancy Farm picnic is Saturday in rural Graves County, Kentucky. More than 10,000 people are expected to show up, many drawn to the political speaking, where good-natured heckling is allowed. This year's master of ceremonies, House Minority Leader Jeff Hoover of Jamestown, will be doing his best to keep the crowd under control.

"The main thing is, we want people to have a good time. We want them to enjoy themselves, but be respectful of all the different speakers, even of different political parties. And hopefully, we can maintain some order and still let folks have a good time and really participate in the event."

There's a no-cursing rule this year and speakers who exceed specific time limits will be cut off by a bluegrass band. The U.S. Senate race between Democratic Attorney General Jack Conway and Republican physician Rand Paul is this year's featured political contest.