Extension Deadline Nears for Kynect Open Enrollment

Apr 10, 2014

Credit Kynect Logo

Kentuckians have just a little more than one day left to apply for health insurance through the state’s health benefits exchange, kynect.

Kentucky extended its open enrollment deadline for those who couldn’t finish the application by the original March 31 deadline. Calloway County kynnector Susan Hood says the extension is mainly for those who wish to purchase qualified health plans, those eligible for tax credits and subsidies.

“If they attempted to get into the system and apply for the insurance and were unable to do so, it’s allowing them the opportunity to get signed up for that insurance,” she said. “Now, the individuals that are eligible for Medicaid, that’s going to be an ongoing sign up process. So there really is no deadline for them.”

Hood added there are many places to receive assistance enrolling including the Calloway County Courthouse. Open enrollment ends Friday at 11 p.m. and won’t begin again until November.

So far more than 402,000 Kentuckians have enrolled for health insurance through kynect with more than 30,000 individuals signing up during the extension.