Environmental Groups File Suit to Expand EPA Air Pollution Rules

Aug 7, 2012

Environmental groups have filed suit in federal court in an effort to get the Environmental Protection Agency to stiffen rules regulating air pollution. The EPA finalized the Cross-State Air Pollution rule last summer, to crack down on several states—including Kentucky—that both send pollution across state lines and are affected by pollution from other states. That rule has been challenged by several states and industry groups, and is held up in court. But Abigail Dillon of Earthjustice says even if the rule goes into effect, there are too many loopholes for polluters. She says the group supports EPA’s efforts to control air pollution.

“But exempting half of the country from one of the most of the most important requirements—and that is cleaning up the coal-fired power plants that are causing the problem—has been a real step backward and we hope we can get the agency back on track with this lawsuit.”

The group is particularly concerned with smog in America’s National Parks. While it’s not the only cause of smog, coal-fired power plants are a key contributor.