Emmy Award-Winning Journalist, Paris Native, Jackie Hays on "Get Healthy"

Jul 26, 2013

Credit Get Healty with Jackie Hays, Facebook

Retirement from a storied television news career didn't last long for Paris, Tennessee native Jackie Hays. She likes to think of it as dispelling the notion that you can't teach an old dog new tricks. Emmy Awards, the Kentucky Journalism Hall of Fame, and now, a new career that spans Facebook, blogging, and video production. Kate Lochte speaks with Murray State alumna Jackie Hays, now with Norton Healthcare in Louisville.

Get Healthy with Jackie Hays is online at the website of Norton Healthcare in Louisville. The Paris, Tennessee native was the longest serving female anchor at WAVE TV in Louisville, with 22 years at that, plus another decade of reporting news for television in Philadelphia, then back in Louisville. She retired from WAVE TV in 2009, but started back with Norton part-time, now working 13 to 15 hours a week.