Election Returns

May 22, 2012

All Kentucky counties reporting. Listen to Morning Edition with Todd Hatton to hear a full digest of tonight's returns.

1st Congressional District (See other congressional races)

Democratic Primary

[W] Charles Hatchett             19,127

 James Buckmaster         13,239


2nd District State House of Representative

Democratic Primary

Arthur Byrn                       1,213

[W] Kelly Whitaker                  2,806

Republican Primary

[W] Richard Heath                   752          

Patrick Fisher                     204

Paducah Mayor (Top two vote-getters advance)

Doug Harnice                   887

Robert Coleman               1201

Gayle Kaler                       1869

Charles Ringstaff              159

Paducah City Commission (Top eight vote-getters advance)

Shirley Trail Lanier             391

Nikki D. May                        #

Richard Abraham              1596

Carol Gault                           1898

Mark "Atlas" Foglesong     711

Jeanie Embry                      640

Michele Thomas                 195

Eric Youngblook                 295

David Guess                         625

Allan Rhodes                      1810

Lennis Thompson             1113

Peter J. Steyn                      57

Robert Cherry Jr.               524

Brandon Hall                      107

RamaredoHenderson     994

Sandra Wilson                   1979

Shelley E. Keeling Sr.       261

Rodney Worak Sr.             295

Francis D. Schuler           545

Brian Shemwell                162


 Marshall County Clerk

[W] Carla Marshall                    2501

Melonie Chambers            1856


Other Congressional Races from KPR Member Station WFPL:

Tea Party favorite Thomas Massie has won the Fourth Congressional District Republican Primary over six opponents. He’s expected to win the general election as well, since the Fourth District is heavily Republican.

 The Associated Press has called the Third District Democratic primary for John Yarmuth. He’ll face GOP candidate Brooks Wicker in the fall. In the Sixth District GOP primary, Andy Barr has won and will face Democratic incumbent Ben Chandler in the fall. Barr also won the nomination in 2010.