2:27 pm
Tue July 30, 2013

EKU Gets Privately-Run Housing Complex

Student housing at Eastern Kentucky University is entering a new era.  Instead of state-funded dormitories, some EKU students will move into a privately-developed housing complex adjacent to campus.  The multi-floored ‘Grand Campus at Yorick Place’ sleeps 256 students.  Property Manager Taylor Armstead said the rooms are fully furnished.

“They don’t have to worry about buying thrift store furniture or begging parents for hand me downs or anything like that," Armstead said. "This one is brand new so it’s all, like top of the line, state of the art stuff, and everything is included.  So, all of their water, electric, cable, and internet are all packaged into one price and that’s all they have to worry about once a month."

Monthly rent for a four-bedroom, four-bathroom apartment unit begins at $520.  Armstead admits it might be a little chaotic as students begin moving in Thursday.

“Well, there’s always a little bit of chaos, but we try to keep it as organized as possible, so we’ve got everything prepared," Armstead said. "We have a little procedure that they’ll go through.  They’ve already received a move-in newsletter that explains to them the process of move-in day.  Where to go and how to get their keys and what needs to be done before they can pick them up and all that stuff."

An enclosed pedestrian bridge also links the complex to the main Richmond campus.  Heavy foot and vehicle traffic along Lancaster Avenue have long been a safety concern.  The first day of class at EKU isn’t until August 19.