Eight Running for Kentucky State Treasurer

Mar 16, 2015

State Rep. Rick Nelson is the latest to enter the race for state treasurer.
Credit LRC

A state lawmaker from eastern Kentucky has joined a crowded field for State Treasurer.

Representative Rick Nelson of Bell County is seeking the office being vacated by term-limited Todd Hollenbach.

Nelson believes one of the greatest responsibilities of the State Treasurer is sitting on the board of the Kentucky Teachers Retirement System, which is woefully under-funded.

"There's been so many folks that's retired, it's more than even good investments can handle," Nelson told WKU Public Radio.  "It's an issue I think that's going to get worse even if the economy improves."

Representative Nelson recently supported a House measure to borrow $3.3 billion dollars to shore up the pension system, but the Senate held off and asked for more time to study the issue.

Nelson will face off against fellow Democrats Jim Glenn, Neville Blakemore, Richard Henderson, and Daniel Grossberg.

In the Republican field, the candidates for State Treasurer are Allison Ball, Kenny Imes, and Jon Larson.