Eggners Ferry Bridge Hearings Conclude

Apr 23, 2012

Joint U.S. Coast Guard/National Transportation Safety Board hearings on the January crash of a cargo ship into the Eggners Ferry Bridge concluded Friday with testimony from vessel pilot Michael Collins. Collins was the last in a line of Kentucky Transportation workers, ship crew and representatives of vessel owner Foss Maritime who testified on policy, regulations, bridge lighting and ship conditions. Foss Senior Vice President of Operations Scott Merritt gave testimony Wednesday. After the hearing concluded, he said he could not confirm if his company would seek litigation. Right now, he says they’re trying to discover why its cargo ship Delta Mariner collided with the bridge.

“Unfortunately, we did impact the bridge and damage the span, and that did affect the people of Kentucky. And for that, we are obligated to define our role in the incident and make sure that in the future, that a similar incident like this doesn’t occur.”

Merritt could not say whether or not Foss would work with independent contractor Michael Collins again. However, he did say the company has not fired any of its Delta Mariner employees. However, two of them have chosen to seek positions elsewhere.