Education Reforms Pass the House

Mar 16, 2017


Kentucky House members voted overwhelmingly Wednesday in favor of redefining academic standards in public schools and phasing out the use of federal common core standards.

Campbellsville Representative John “Bam” Carney says the legislation puts the responsibility in the hands of local communities. He says the impact goes beyond secondary and elementary schools.

“To significantly increase postsecondary readiness of Kentucky graduates, reduce bureaucratic burdens on educators, and foster state and local decision making,” Carney said.

In casting her vote, Lexington Representative Kelly Flood emphasized the importance of international academic standards and collaborative education. She also said said the measure should help end disagreements.

“So this bill really is not changing how we’re doing our development of standards," Flood said. "It’s just finally stopping us fighting about it that kept us divided.”

House changes in the bill will be considered by the Senate when lawmakers reconvene on March 29th.