Education Officials Seeking Input on Core Academic Standards

Aug 25, 2014

Kentucky teachers, parents, and other interested citizens now have a chance to weigh in on the state's core academic standards. It's the first time public comment has been sought since the standards were implemented in 2011.

The state's core academic standards represent what students in kindergarten through high school should know by the end of each grade. 

Just announced, the Kentucky Core Academic Standards Challenge is an online process for collecting feedback on English/language arts and math expectations. 

State Education Commissioner Terry Holliday says the purpose of the challenge is to benefit children, not further a political debate. 

"If you give me a comment that these standards are a communist conspiracy to take over education, how's that helping our kids? How's that helping change the standard? How's that helping anybody to become college and career ready?" asked Holliday.

Credit Kentucky Department of Education

Holliday says the Kentucky Department of Education would be open to revising some standards, if warranted. 

Frankfort State Representative Derrick Graham says the challenge is an excellent approach for involving parents and teachers in the process. 

"So it gives educators the opportunity of revamping and revising and suggesting new standards or adding to those standards or moving those standards either up or down," said Graham.

The higher education community is also taking a keen interest in Kentucky's academic standards. 

Council on Postsecondary Education Executive Vice President Aaron Thompson says the issue affects the state's economy. 

"We were ranked fourth from the bottom in income equality.  These sorts of standards go to increasing the livelihood of Kentucky.  A better educated Kentucky increases economic development," said Thompson.

Interested parties have until the end of April to offer comments and suggestions on the state's core academic standards. The web site is