Edelen Wins State Auditor Race

Nov 8, 2011

Murray, KY – Winning a little more than 56 percent of the vote Tuesday night, Democrat Adam Edelen claimed victory in the race for Kentucky State Auditor over Republican John Kemper. Edelen said he was happy for the chance to serve the Commonwealth's citizens.

"I've traveled to every corner of our commonwealth making only one promise, and that's that if you give this young man the opportunity to throw new energy and new vision and new vigor at very old problems, I would make you proud. And tonight by a record margin you voted to give me that opportunity and I intend to keep my word. Thank you and goodnight," Edelen said.

Edelen served previously and Governor Beshear's chief of staff, he credited some of his success in the race to the early endorsement from his mentor and former state auditor Crit Luallen.