Edelen Sets June Deadline for Governor's Race Decision

May 27, 2014

Credit wikipedia.org

Kentucky’s state auditor, Adam Edelen, says he’ll announce in June whether he’ll be a candidate for governor next year.

The Democrat discussed his timetable on Insight Cable’s "Pure Politics."

“Clearly I’m interested in running for governor,” Edelen said. “I have a passion for the kind of issues that you can affect from the governor’s office. I’m going to take an opportunity to take a deep breath. You know, I’m assistant coaching a little league baseball team and that’s where my personal function is right now, but we’re not going to let any grass grow. We will move on this in fairly short order.”

Edelen said he has not asked anyone to run on the ticket with him but he has held some informal talks with people who appear to have the right skill set to be lieutenant governor.

“I have had a couple of conversations with people who I think have a skill set that would be helpful to a governor who wants to drive organizational excellence, who have a skill set and problem-solving that was learned in the private sector," Edelen said. "And there are people that I have talked to about that, but we have not gotten anywhere where I have made a specific offer.”

The only Democrat to declare for the governor’s race so far is Attorney General Jack Conway. Louisville Republican Hal Heiner is running on the GOP side.