Edelen Continues Tracking Misspending in Ky. Schools

Oct 25, 2012

Credit kentucky.com

Kentucky State Auditor Adam Edelen says he will be expanding his efforts to track misspending in Kentucky school districts. Edelen campaigned on cleaning up education spending and he has already conducted special audits in three districts. The examinations of Kenton, Mason and Breathitt County schools found misspending and poor documentation.

The auditor told lawmakers today Thursday that he'’ll continue to do special audits of school districts, but only if his office is given reason to do so.

"“So we are going to continue to use a complaint based system, one that relies heavily on the people of Kentucky, on parents, on students, on people who are stakeholders in the system to report to us what they see, either for the better or for the worse.”"

Lawmakers told Edelen they support his efforts.