"Easy Virtue" at Maiden Alley Cinema

Paducah, KY – This week's feature at Paducah's Maiden Alley Cinema may not sound like prime summer entertainment, what with its English manor house setting in the late 1920s, but it is. Jessica Biel, Kristin Scott Thomas, and Colin Firth wield a rapier-wit script from a legendary playwright in this light comedy about why the 20's roared. Todd Hatton spoke with Maiden Alley's Larry Thomas about "Easy Virtue."

Easy Virtue

The twenties have roared... the thirties have yet to swing. John Whittaker, a young Englishman, falls madly in love with Larita, a sexy and glamorous American woman, and they marry impetuously. However when the couple returns to the family home, his mother Mrs. Whittaker has an instant allergic reaction to her new daughter-in-law. Larita tries her best to fit in but fails to tiptoe through the minefield laid by her mother-in-law. Larita quickly realizes Mrs. Whittaker's game and sees that she must fight back if she's not going to lose John. A battle of wits ensues and sparks soon fly. Mrs. Whittaker manipulates every situation to undermine her, while Larita remains frustratingly calm and engineers sassy counter attacks. Before long, Mrs. Whittaker's manipulation starts to work on John and Larita feels their love is in danger of slipping away. In a grand finale, where the secrets from Larita's past are revealed, she finally makes a break for freedom from the suffocating house...

Starring Jessica Biel, Colin Firth, Kristen Scott Thomas & Ben Burns