The early life of psychic legend Edgar Cayce

Hopkinsville, Ky. – Edgar Cayce is the subject of more than 300 books, numerous documentary films and television programs, and at least one play: "The Freak." He's been called the "most phenomenal psychic of the 20th century." And he's been called a fake. But over the last hundred-plus years, believers and skeptics alike have been drawn time and again to the story of this simple man from Hopkinsville, Kentucky. Jacque Day looks into Cayce's early life, where the legend was born.

Featuring D.D. Cayce, local historian and second cousin to Edgar Cayce, and Janet Bravard, Education and Program Director, Pennyroyal Area Museum.

Edgar Cayce reading audio courtesy of the Pennyroyal Area Museum, 217 East 9th Street, Hopkinsville.