Earlington Mayor Defends Himself Against Councilman's 'Crooked' Letter

Jan 17, 2014

Mike Seiber

Earlington's Mayor responded to a city official's allegations of misconduct before a crowd at Tuesday’s city council meeting.  

Mayor Mike Seiber addressed claims made by Councilman Jim Hicks that Seiber lied about his residency during election, had given himself a pay raise, and had used city funds and employees on his home and business, amongst other misconduct. 

Seiber said the attacks are false and may be politically motivated, especially since some of the claims go back to 2007.  

“It was very misleading and full of untruths and it was a shock and a lot of citizens are extremely upset with Mr. Hicks," said Seiber. "And just seems kinda odd, you know, I’m now a District 9 state representative candidate and they wait until January prior to a primary in May to, I guess, attack me.”

Seiber denied the allegations before the council and said he provided evidence to the contrary for each claim.  

But Hicks isn’t satisfied.

“Basically, he got up there and lied about the whole thing," said Hicks.  "He’s lies so much he doesn’t even know what’s the truth.

"People are saying ‘he’ll sue you’, and I hope he does  and so that way at least it’ll be brought out in a court of law," said Hicks.

Hicks made the allegations to the county attorney and the state police, but said he was turned away each time.  He said sending the letter was his last course of action. 

Seiber said he’s talked to an attorney about a possible libel and slander suit, but he hopes the conflict can be resolved before it comes to that.