During Holiday Shopping Season, Small Businesses Get Their Own Day

Nov 29, 2013

An alternative to Black Friday starts Saturday, focusing on much smaller businesses for holiday shopping.

Murray State Small Business Development Director Chris Wooldridge said Small Business Saturday is an initiative to support mom and pop stores who don’t have the reach of large retailers.

“Let’s make sure that we’re shopping at home, and that we’re thinking of our hometown folks as well,” he said. “These are the folks we go to church with and these are the folks that their kids are with our kids at school. They’re trying to make a living as well.”

American Express established the special day for smaller shops in 2010 as an alternative to big box retailers’ Black Friday and online stores’ Cyber Monday. Wooldridge said businesses who participated in Small Business Saturday last year did see success.

Murray-Calloway County Chamber of Commerce President Aaron Dail said shopping at small businesses is one way to support the community during the holidays.

“They’re not going to advertise on ABC. They’re not going to be out doing thousands or even millions of dollars in advertising because it’s just not their model yet until they grow to that,” he said. “So this is a great way to put an eye on the local mom and pop shop or the small business and give them some leverage, some buying power and, frankly, attention.”

The National Federation of Independent Business found many small businesses have started their holiday promotions earlier, especially since this year’s shopping season is five days shorter. The NFIB also found more than two thirds of Kentucky small businesses are offering special discounts on Small Business Saturday.

More information about participating shops can be found here