Dry start to summer affecting TN River

Jun 12, 2012

Officials say Sunday's rain was not enough to counter the effects of drought on Barkley and Kentucky lakes. National Weather Service meteorologists report the region's rainfall is about 11 inches below the average. 

Susan Jacks with the Tennessee Valley Authority says Kentucky Lake is the only reservoir on the Tennessee River under its normal operating range, a foot and a half below summer pool. Jacks says TVA has been moving water downstream to keep levels up.

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Ranger David Landis says Lake Barkley is also about 18 inches below season levels. But, Landis notes, recreation on Barkley hasn't slowed down. Both TVA and the Corps say navigation on the rivers and lakes isn't an issue yet. That situation could change with hotter-than-normal temperatures forecast over the summer.