Drought Hits Western Kentucky Crops Hardest

Jun 26, 2012

Western Kentucky’s corn and soybean crops have taken a turn for the worse. Statewide crop-reporting says one-fourth of the corn crop is in poor condition, and another third is fair. 

The soybean crop also shows signs of lower quality. University of Kentucky extension service state agronomist Dr. Chad Lee says this is the worst time in the corn season for dry weather.

“It needs it both for pollination in order to get kernel development. But it’s also a time when the corn crop just demands more water. So on a day like today, the corn crop demands roughly three tenths of an inch. As temperatures rise later in the week, it’s going to demand even more than that.”

Lee estimates at least 30 percent of Kentucky’s corn could be lost this year, but soybeans should pull through the dry spell if they get rain in the next three weeks. Lee says western Kentucky’s crops are by far in the worst condition because our region has received the least rain.