Donovan Reviewing Potential Claims from Disgruntled Neighbors

Jan 24, 2013

Credit wikipedia

The Hopkins County Attorney Todd P’Pool says an explosives manufacturer that has received complaints about damaging blasts is reviewing potential claims from nearby residents. Donovan Commercial Industries uses explosives to harden steel for railroad tracks. Todd P’Pool says the company is reducing blasting and addressing any claims from nearby residents who say the blasts have damaged their homes.

"Mr. Donovan’s agreed to contact his insurance liability carrier, and I expect those folks to step forward in the next several weeks to review any potential claims that may exist," he said.

P’Pool says the blasts causing the disturbance are not from the disposal of military ordinance as was once suspected.

"They have in their history exploded ordinance for the Department of Defense but at this time they’re not engaged in that business," he said. "The only business that is setting off an explosion is this hardening process for the steel railroad tracks."

P’Pool says there will be an investigation and seismographic testing to determine if the blasts have indeed caused any damage. That investigation is expected to take at least six to eight weeks. Meanwhile, Donovan is voluntarily halting all blasting on weekends, and before 9 a.m. and after 4 p.m. on weekdays.