Dog Fighting

Mayfield, KY – Investigators in two counties are trying to determine if malnourished dogs seized in Graves County last night are connected to dead dogs fished out of a river in McCracken County this morning. WPSD-TV reports Graves County officers seized six malnourished pit bulls and arrested Jonal DeBerry and Thomas McClellan on cocaine charges. Sheriff's deputies discovered around eighty pit bulls housed in two locations in the county. All dogs belonged to DeBerry. In McCracken County, Sheriff John Hayden received reports recently that someone was dumping dogs off a bridge in Southeast McCracken County. Officers only found a couple animals at the time and continued to monitor the location. The Sheriff says after last night's arrest, officers checked the location again and found eleven dog carcasses. All dogs have been shot in the head once and some have marks of fighting. The McCracken County Sheriff's Department has no suspects at this time.