Divers Checking Piers at Eggner's Ferry Bridge

Murray, KY – Kentucky Transportation Cabinet divers are in the water today examining the piers of the Eggner's Ferry Bridge. The piers hold up the sections of roadway adjacent to the 300 foot piece that collapsed in last week's collision with a cargo vessel. KYTC spokesman Keith Todd says the divers' findings will be a major factor in determining the crossing's future. He says,

"If the pier is ok, that's obviously gonna make it a little bit easier to go in and replace this span. If that pier is damaged, or has been moved or is moving, that's obviously going to complicate things a little bit."

Todd says they're looking at several options for re-establishing traffic across the lake, including a ferry. He says all the options have some downsides; the ferry would have to meet traffic volume requirements without affecting other river traffic. Todd says the diver's reports will be finished later this week. After that they'll be able to focus on the most effective way to repair or replace the damaged span.