Districts Moving Foward to Raise Dropout Age

Jun 27, 2013

Credit Wikimedia commons

  The Kentucky Department of Education is well on its way to it’s goal of increasing the compulsory age of school attendance to 18. KDE offered a $10,000 grant to the first 57 districts that adopted the voluntary change. 

As of yesterday afternoon 54 districts have confirmed acceptance. If 96 districts adopt the change then the state will mandate the other districts adopt the the new drop out age. Kentucky Department of Education Spokesperson Nancy Rodriguez says the KDE is boosting the incentive to school districts.

"The department committed to grants for 57, Governor Beshear’s office committed some additional funding that would take us up to 92 school districts. And then the department is also in the process of trying to find some more money so we’ll be able to give grants to the first 96. "

In western Kentucky Christian, Hopkins, Marshall and McCracken County schools have opted for the higher age.  Along with Mayfield, Murray  and Paducah Independent.