Despite Proposed Cuts MSU Interim President Pleased with Most of Gov's Budget Plan

Jan 22, 2014

Murray State University’s interim president says he is pleased with most of what he heard in Gov. Steve Beshear’s Tuesday night budget address.

Tim Miller said funding for MSU’s science complex will mean more STEM graduates and money for Hopkinsville’s Breathitt Veterinary Center will benefit for the entire commonwealth.

Miller said he was also happy to hear the governor’s proposed $704 million in agency bonds, part of which will go to build a new MSU residence hall. But Miller says he’s less than pleased with the proposed 2.5 percent cut to public universities.

“2.5 percent is a $1.2 million cut to us and then also we have to pick up our share of the pension cost which is a little over $800,000,” Miller said. “Essentially we got a cut of $2 million going into that we’ve hired new faculty positions for next year and new programs to service the Paducah campus.”

Miller said the university was already looking at a $2.7 million deficit, thanks to a rise in health care costs and staffing Murray State’s Paducah campus.  He said the Kentucky Council on Postsecondary Education is working to mitigate the proposed cuts, and MSU is already working to increase efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance revenue.