Design Advisory Group Set for Paducah City Hall Project

Nov 11, 2015

Credit City of Paducah, via Facebook

An advisory group is now in place to help the city of Paducah decide whether to renovate its City Hall or construct a new one.

Mayor Gayle Kaler appointed six people to the group at Tuesday night’s city commission meeting, including city planner Steve Ervin. That group will meet next week with architectural firm RATIO to talk about design schematics and will eventually make a recommendation for city leaders to consider.

The city commission approved last month a $1.6 million contract with Indianapolis-based RATIO for the design phase. The cost estimate for a new City Hall is between $10-12 million.

The existing City Hall on South 5th Street is now more than half a century old and showing signs of wear and tear. Once a design is approved, the city expects construction or renovation to be complete by 2018.

The six members of the advisory group are Ervin, Joe Benberry, Fowler Black, Bill Renzulli, Michael Sims and Hall Sullivan.