Department of Education Says Midnight Meetings for Dropout Grants Unnecessary

May 23, 2013


The Kentucky Department of Education says many midnight meetings planned at area school districts are unnecessary, and not placing them at the front of the line for a $10,000 grant.

The incentive for schools to raise their dropout age to 18 becomes law on June 25 and the first 96 schools to approve the measure receive the money. This has led to districts scheduling early morning meetings, but the Kentucky Department of Education’s Nancy

Rodriguez said the meetings aren't necessary.

“The department sent an advisory out about a week ago to superintendents letting them know that when it comes to applying for the planning grant money, you won’t be able to upload that information and apply for or be in consideration for that until June 26," Rodriguez said.

This means all 174 Kentucky school districts will have an equal chance of receiving the grant, regardless of time zone.

The Department of Education will begin awarding the grant money to schools after July first.