Democrats Make 11th Hour Push to Amend Guns in Trunks Bill

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A proposal allowing handgun carry permit holders to store firearms in their cars nearly anywhere they are parked is headed for a final vote this morning. Democrats are making a last ditch effort to water down the bill.

Democrats want to make schools, long-term parking lots and unemployment offices off limits. 

The bill’s sponsor has said he is not interested in exemptions. But Nashville Democrat Mike Turner says they should at least be considered, like one allowing any employer to opt out.

“If I’m a business owner, I probably don’t want you carrying on my property and I at least want to have the choice to deny you that right if I want to,” he said.

The state’s largest employers have been less vocal about their opposition to the guns-in-trunks legislation this year. The bill gives the property owner immunity if anyone is hurt with a gun stored on site. It also is restricted to Tennesseans with handgun permits.

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