Democrats and Republicans Sling Mud at Fancy Farm Picnic

Aug 6, 2012

While not many Democrats showed up to speak at this year’s Fancy Farm picnic, one of the few who did unleashed a flurry of verbal assaults on the GOP. 

House Speaker Greg Stumbo spoke on behalf of Governor Steve Beshear. In his remarks, Stumbo blamed U.S. Senator Mitch McConnell for many of the nation’s problems. And he aimed his other taunts at Republicans at every level, from the statehouse to the top of the ticket, criticizing Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney's business and tax returns.

Republicans took shots at Stumbo as well, thanking him for attending the picnic to defend the president.  House Republican Leader Jeff Hoover, who is spearheading a campaign to take over the state House, blamed Stumbo for the state’s flailing pension system and myriad Medicaid problems.