Delta Regional Authority Invests $1.7 Million Into West Kentucky Projects

Oct 3, 2017

Credit Delta Regional Authority, Facebook

The Delta Regional Authority is investing approximately $1.7 million dollars into workforce development and infrastructure projects in west Kentucky.

The investments are being made through the DRA States’ Economic Development Assistance Program.


City of Henderson: South Waste Water Treatment Plant is allocated $281,133 for working basin installation to improve efficiency and promote growth of operations.

City of Cadiz: Trigg County Hospital is allocated $155,550 for the construction of four new private patient rooms to implement a swing-bed program that will allow patients to recover in a hospital setting as opposed to a nursing home. 

Paducah: Riverport Cargo Yard is allocated $307,000 to pave the cargo yard and improve transit for vehicles. 

City of Madisonville: Madisonville Community College is allocated $180,629 for workforce training. 


City of Hickman: Allocated $400,000 for wastewater infrastructure improvements.

City of Greenville: Allocated $400,000 for wastewater infrastructure improvements.


The announcement was made with Governor Matt Bevin, who said the investment was “pivotal to fulfilling our goal of making Kentucky the undisputed center of engineering and manufacturing excellence in America.” DRA coordinates directly with Kentucky’s planning and development districts for program funding implementation