David Williams Unveils Jobs Plan

Sep 15, 2011

Frankfort, KY – Republican gubernatorial candidate David Williams wants to eliminate Kentucky's personal and corporate income taxes as part of his jobs plan. The proposal released yesterday also makes a number of short-term recommendations to spur economic growth in the commonwealth. Under Williams' plan, he would create an expert commission to draft an entirely new tax system. Williams says getting rid of certain taxes is crucial.

"In Kentucky the tax burden is on the honest, hard-working people and business owners. If you look at the states that don't have persona income taxes Florida, Texas, Tennessee you'll see states that have created more jobs than any other states. It's like giving the rank-and-file worker and the small business owner and the larger business owner a 6 or 7 percent raise."

The GOP nominee has run an issue oriented campaign, but is trailing Democratic incumbent Steve Beshear by more than 25 points in most polls. Williams is running against Beshear and independent Gatewood Galbraith.