Datebook: May 14 - The Constitutional Convention Begins, 225 Years Ago

May 14, 2012

Between May 14 and September 17, 1787, delegates convened in Philadelphia to adress problems in governing the newly independent United States of America. The Constitutional Convention was intended to revise the Articles of Confederation, but many of those involved, including James Madison and Alexander Hamilton, focused on creating a new government rather than fix the existing one. The Convention led to the creation of the United States Constitution, and is among the most significant events in the history of the country. The most contentious debates were how to define "proportional representation" and whether to include slaves and other property, how do divide executive power, how to elect a president, term lengths and limits, which offenses are impeachable, the fugitive slave clause, abolition of slave trade, and how judges are chosen. Once it was finished, it was voted on and sent to the states for ratification.

It’s Monday, May 14

Paducah Artist-in-Residence David Vayo will give a performance and talk this evening at 7 at 309 Broadway in Paducah.  In his presentation, he will talk about the process of composition, improvise at the piano, and describe the connections between improvisation and composition.  He will also talk about his latest piece, titled Stations.  The event is free and open to the public.

Tomorrow is the last day to make a donation to Marshall County High School Project Graduation.  Donations will support an evening of fun, prizes, and activities for the Marshall County Class of 2012.  For more information, call the school at 270-527-1453.

The 10th Anniversary Job Expo 2012 will be held tomorrow at the Brown Badgett Energy and Advanced Technology Center at Madisonville Community College.  The expo lasts from 10 to 2 and features an Are You Ready workshop at 11, a face-to-face Q&A session with employers at 1, and prize drawings every half hour.

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