Datebook: June 3 - Zoot Suit Riots 70 Years Ago

Jun 3, 2013

Credit Wikimedia Commons

Long before the swing revival song, the Zoot Suit Riots were a series of racial clashes during WWII primarily in Los Angeles, between US sailors and Latino youths. The suits were thought by sailors too lavish during wartime. These riots were influential to activists including Louis Valdez, Ralph Ellison, Richard Wright, Cesar Chavez, and Malcom X. Read more on PBS.

It’s Monday, June 3

The Purchase Area Master Gardeners Association and the McCracken County Extension Service present a workshop on "Hydrangeas" as part of the Tool Box Series at the McCracken County Extension Office. The session is tomorrow evening at 5. Phyllis Petcoff leads the class. For more information, call 554-9520.

The Glema Mahr Center for the Arts presents the Japanese Kimono Exhibit from the Claude Holeman Collection, on loan from the Dawson Springs Museum & Art Center. The exhibit opens today and runs through July 21. The gallery is open to the public Monday through Friday from 9-4 and 3 hours prior to every performance at the Center. Admission is free.

The McCracken County Extension Office offers a free Beginning Canning Workshop Friday from 9:30 to 3:30. The workshop teaches canning basics, pressure canning, and hot water bath canning. To pre-register, call 554-9520.

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