Datebook: June 26 - "Ich Bin Ein Berliner" 50 Years Ago

Jun 26, 2013

President John F. Kennedy gave his famous speech to West Berlin on this day 50 years ago, underlying support for the West 22 months after Soviet-supported East Germany erected the Berlin Wall. The message was to make a clear statement of US policy during the Cold War. "Lass' sie nach Berlin kommen!"

It’s Wednesday, June 26

Bandleader Roger Reichmuth invites the Murray community to participate in the Freedom Fest Kazoo Band. Rehearsal is tonight at 6:30 by the main gate of Stewart Stadium, and the band performs in Saturday morning’s Freedom Fest Parade. Participants should be physically able to walk the parade route and able to hum familiar patriotic songs.

The Caldwell County Caregiver Support Group holds a regular monthly meeting tomorrow morning at 11:30. The meeting is at the Caldwell County Senior Center, located at 202 Eagle Street in Princeton. For more information, contact James Patterson at 886-9484.

Maiden Alley Cinema presents the film “Hello Herman” tomorrow evening at 7. Set in the not so distant future, a 16-year-old enters his school and kills students, teachers, and a police officer. The film explores what it takes for one person to reach out to another and really see them for who they are. See details at

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