Datebook: July 20 - Gregor Mendel Turns 190

Jul 20, 2012

Gregor Mendel was an Austrian scientist and friar who gained posthumous fame as the founder of genetics. He demonstrated that certain traits in pea plants followed particular inheritance patterns. Mendel's work largely went unnoticed until the rest of science caught up to him in the early 20th century. You never know what you'll discover when looking into your salad.

It’s Friday, July 20

The Marshall County Animal Shelter hosts the Dog Days of Summer Adoption Drive tomorrow from 10 to 2.  Adopt dogs for $15 or cats for $5.  The shelter is at 839 Benton Briensburg Road in Benton.  For more information, call (270) 527-0954.

The Center for Health and Wellness holds an AARP Driving Course on Wednesday, August 1.  Participants must be age 50 or older.  The cost is $14 or $12 for AARP members.  Pre-registration is required by calling (270) 762-1348.

Sunday is the last day of the national My Neighborhood Forest photo contest.  Entries should highlight the natural beauty that spring and summer bring to the urban forests of U.S. neighborhoods, communities, and cities.  Visit for contest rules and prize details.

See more community events at  Thanks for listening.