Dancing Quiznos mascot fined after mistaken suicide attempt

Hopkinsville, KY – Jeremy Johnson said he was dancing on the top rail of a bridge in Hopkinsville, but drivers below thought he was going to jump and called police. Johnson's job is to advertise Quiznos by dancing on the roadside near the Pennyrile Parkway while holding a sign for the sub shop. The Kentucky New Era quoted Johnson saying he was taking a break Saturday and was rolling a cigarette when drivers honked and waved at him.

Johnson said he lighted his cigarette and started dancing on the rail in response.

Police didn't join in the dance. They cited him for disorderly conduct.

Quiznos manager Rebecca Weaber said Johnson was doing his job and is still employed. She hopes he was holding his sign, but wasn't sure.

Read the original article on Kentucky New Era's web site, here.