Curris responds to MSU Faculty Senate resolution

Nov 19, 2012

Murray State’s Board of Regents Chairman Constantine Curris says the board must collectively respond to a MSU faculty Senate resolution supporting President Randy Dunn and asking for the board to take action on Dunn’s contract.

The resolution asks the board of regents to clarify uncertainty surrounding Dunn’s future employment status to stabilize  the University's future leadership. Dunn was a finalist for Missouri State University's open presidency but withdrew his candidacy and chief academic officer, Provost Bonnie Higginson leaves her post this summer.

In an email to the faculty senate Curris says he cannot answer the resolution as Chairman, but must wait for the board's action. In the email Curris says the uncertainty surrounding Murray State leadership may have something to do with Dunn seeking a -quote- "capstone presidency."   However, Curris expects the board to review Dunn's contract in the spring and says the board will fully consider  the viewpoints of the Faculty.