4:03 pm
Wed June 13, 2012

Crown Vic No Longer Cruiser of Choice for Police

Kentucky State Police purchased 125 Chevy Caprices to replace the Ford Crown Victoria as the state’s cruiser. KSP Trooper Michael Webb says Ford stopped making the popular Crown Vic in 2010 and some of the agency's oldest vehicles were starting to get worn out.

“When you are operating a car at that speed it needs to be in top condition.  When troopers are crossing medians and driving on gravel roads in rural communities…just doing the nature of police work it’s hard on the vehicle’s frame, components, and the structure of the car.”

The new Caprice has a larger, more powerful engine, and more backseat passenger room.  Each vehicle costs around $25,000, which Trooper Webb says is cheaper than the old Ford Crown Vic.