CPE Asks More from Murray

Murray, KY – Kentucky's Council on Postsecondary Education is requesting more information on Murray State University's proposed tuition increase. An MSU tuition task force initially requested a pricing structure change. The group recommended adding a per credit hour charge to students taking more than 15 hours per semester. MSU's Board of Regents amended the per credit hour charge in an April special meeting. The board reduced the price from 100% to 25%, and required students taking more than 12 credit hours to pay the extra fee. MSU President Dr. Randy Dunn says he expected the CPE to reevaluate Murray State's proposal.

"It's not that they're not supportive of what we're trying to do as much as it is they want to see the background information on the twelve since that's what the board had basically decided to do that day of the board meeting."

Dunn says other state universities have instituted per credit hour pricing systems and several more are on that track. The CPE will meet May 22 at Murray State to hand out final decisions on all Kentucky university tuition proposals.