Courier-Journal Taps Next Executive Editor

Sep 19, 2013


The Courier-Journal has tapped a new executive editor. The Louisville newspaper announced today that Neil Budde will replace Bennie Ivory, who retired earlier this year after holding the position since 1997.

Budde is an Internet journalism veteran. He served as the editor and publisher of the Wall Street Journal Online until 2002, and later landed at Yahoo to run its new operation.

He also has ties to Kentucky:  he earned a bachelor's degree from Western Kentucky University and an MBA from the University of Louisville.

Budde will be responsible for fostering the company’s online-first approach to disseminating news. Courier-Journal marketing director Nancy Jo Trafton says Budde will oversee changes to the paper’s website and web applications that will begin this fall.

“I would imagine he may break a few rules in creating content and website that really will serve reader needs,” she says.

Budde’s first day will be Monday.