Corn and Soybean Crop Conditions are Very Poor

Jul 10, 2012

Extreme heat and little rains have all but doused any hopes for a successful corn crop in our region. Kentucky’s corn and soybean crops rank lowest for field conditions, according to The National Agricultural Statistics Service.

Their weekly Crop Progress Report rates 34 percent of corn conditions as very poor and 38 percent as poor. Soybean conditions are also low with 23 percent rated very poor and 39 percent as poor.  

Calloway County Extension Agent, Todd Powell says, “I think the corn is pretty well. Most of it’s done what it’s going to do.  Soybeans, some of them are starting to get into the same situation. Others are still to a point that this rain should help them out some.”

Powell says although the crops are poor, farmers do have options. “One’s going to be a complete loss. Some, they’ll harvest and get what they can out of it, and insurance will pick up the rest. Some may look at trying to sell the fields for livestock feed.”

Powell says the spotty rain our region has received over the past few days won't help most corn crops. However, some crops planted later might benefit from the showers forecast for the next few days.