Conway Takes Action Against UPG

Jan 29, 2014

Attorney General Jack Conway filed a complaint in Franklin Circuit Court yesterday against United Propane Gas in Paducah for alleged violations of the Kentucky Consumer Protection Act. 

Conway was also granted a restraining order to allow customers of UPG and its 23 subsidiaries to secure propane from another supplier without a written release until February 3.

A written release by a tank supplier is required by Kentucky law before another supplier can fill the tank.

The court’s restraining order suspends that requirement. The action comes after the Attorney General’s office received complaints from customers of UPG had trouble reaching a representative or could not secure a waiver from the company.

Conway worked with the company to obtain a blanket waiver for customers.

That waiver expired January 28. The Attorney General’s office demanded UPG extend its waiver. The company refused, which led to legal action.

“The majority of propane companies, while facing shortages, are doing the right thing,” Conway said.  “They are working with customers to make partial deliveries or provide waivers.  This has not been the case for UPG.  It baffles me why a company would not put the needs of its customers first, especially with the recent weather conditions we’ve been experiencing in Kentucky.

Low temperatures have caused a propane shortage throughout the region.

From KY Emergency Management

The Commonwealth Attorney Generals Office has opened a Propane Supply Complaint Hotline for residential or commercial customers that are having trouble obtaining or otherwise dealing with Propane companies. You can reach this hotline by calling 866 592 2556.

Read Judge Phillip Shepherd’s order here.