Conway Supporters Divided on Negative Attacks

Oct 20, 2010

Murray, KY – A crowd of around 75 people turned out at the Democratic Headquarters in Murray for a meet and greet with U.S. Senate candidate Jack Conway. Maureen Ramsden of Hazel says she backs Conway, especially when it comes to healthcare and social security. Ramsden says Conway's recent attack ads which condemn his opponent Rand Paul's membership in an anti-religion society in college, are not too harsh.

"Not compared to what we got jammed down our throat about President Obama and his religion and so forth. No I don't. Just back right back at you!"

While Ramsden backs Conway's recent negative ad, some members of his online Facebook community have condemned it, as have others. The ad is set to run on television stations in Kentucky through the end of the week. Conway says he plans an aggressive campaign in the days left before the election.