Convict Alters Republican Senator Whitney Westerfield’s View on Expungement

Apr 11, 2016

Credit Facebook - Whitney H. Westerfield

West Powell, a man convicted of stealing car radios 27 years ago changed Republican State Senator Whitney Westerfield’s mind on expungement. 

Westerfield says Powell was punished, served his time and has lived within the law since.

“The part that sort of encouraged me to think differently about it, this guy did what we ask everybody to do in the system. We have an opportunity to help this guy and there’s no reason why we shouldn’t,” Westerfield said.

Westerfield called House Bill 40 to a vote in the Senate Judiciary Committee, which it passed last month. Governor Matt Bevin is scheduled to sign the bill into law tomorrow. The bill allows people convicted of some felonies to ask a judge to expunge their record. They would have to wait five years after completing their sentences prior to going before a judge.