Comer Advocates for Term Limits for All Legislative Offices

Nov 9, 2012

James Comer
Credit KY Department of Agriculture

One of the key republicans in state government believes change in legislative leadership is a good thing.  Long time Senate President David Williams recently resigned to take on judicial responsibilities in his home region. Agriculture Department Commissioner Jamie Comer moved from the legislature to take his current job. Comer favors restricting tenure in leadership positions.

“I’ve always said I believe we should have term limits on people in leadership just like we have term limits for Commissioner of Agriculture, what I am.  Just like we have term limits for governor and president we should have term limits for president of the senate and speaker of the house," said Comer.  "I think that would go a long way in helping to fight gridlock and things like that."

Lawmakers choose their leaders in early January. Senate Majority Floor Leader Robert Stivers is the favorite to become president of the 38 member chamber. But western Kentucky independent Bob Leeper tells the Lexington Herald Leader he’s also interested in the job.