Cold Temperatures Hamper Brining Efforts

Paducah, KY – Extremely low temperatures are hampering efforts to prepare Kentucky's roadways for winter weather. As much as five inches of snow is expected for our region beginning tomorrow night. The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet usually sends out crews to put salt brine on the roads, but transportation spokesman Keith Todd says the brine doesn't work at temperatures below 20 degrees. He says that leaves a limited window for when crews can pretreat highways.

"So that's going to severely limit the number of roadmiles we can cover with pretreating, and then also the cold temperatures, again, are going to severely limit the effectiveness of that."

Todd urges motorists to be careful driving over the next few days. He says crews will be out with rock salt and snow plows after the snow hits. However, he expects workers won't be able to use brine again until Sunday.